Fishery Products

Manufacturer of top quality fishing lines, ropes, twines and nets since 1953. Market leader with its Araty branded products in most Latin America and Caribbean with exports to more than 60 different countries. Internationally recognized as a reliable partner in quality and service.

Household Products

Design, Technology, Efficiency and Durability on Mazzaferro’ s new household product line, LINEABELLA. Brooms, Squeegees, Brushes, Dustpans and many more functional and easy to use products.


60 years’ experience extruding high value monofilaments. Invisible sewing threads, technical monofilaments and bristles for a wide variety of final applications.


The best technology in monofilaments for medical application. Non absorbable sutures and surgical meshes monofilaments supplied with biocompatibility tests (ISO10993)


Mazzaferro Color Charts designs and manufactures all kinds of color Charts tailored to the very customer needs. Reliability, Dynamism, Artwork powered by SWATCH monofilament towards a unique and distinguished product.