Best Fishing Lines

Mazzaferro provides top quality Fishing Products and a full range of the Market´s best lines as exemplified by the Dourado and Araty brands which are market leaders in Latin America. Select your preference and needs be they for Sportfishing , coarse fishing or Commercial fishing. See where to Buy!


Select your ideal Fishing Line :

Linha de Pesca Araty Leader

Leader Araty Fluorcarbono Line

Color: Transparent
Diameters: 0.35mm – 0.90mm
Package: Spool
Spool capacity: 20 meters/22yds
Spool Weights
Linha de Pesca Araty 8X Multifilamento

 Araty 8X Braided Line

Color: Green
Diameters: 0.18-0.43mm
Package: Spool
Spool capacity: 300m/330yds
Spool Weights
Linha Monofilamento de Pesca Araty Best Cast

Araty Best Cast line

Colors: White blue hue, green, grey and gold

Diameters: 0.20-1.20mm

Package: Spool

Spool capacities : 100m/110yds, 300m/330yds and 1100m/1200yds

Spool Weights

Araty Color Vision

Araty Color Vision line

Color: Multicolor (Green, Yellow and Red)

Diameters: 0.2-0.80mm

Package: Spool

Diâmetros: 0,20 à 0,80mm

Spool capacity: 100m/110yds

Spool Weights

 Araty Army line

Colors:Green with Black

Diameters: 0,20 – 0.80mm

Package: Spool

Spool capacity: 100m/110yds and 300m/330yds
Spool Weights
Linha de Pesca Monofilamento Araty Red Spider

Araty Red Spider line

Color: Red
Diameters: 0,20-0,55mm
Package: Spool
Spool capacity: 100m/110yds and 300m/330 yds
Spool Weights
Linha Araty Extreme

 Araty Extreme line

Color: Silver
Diameters: 0.20 – 0.81mm
Package: Spool
Spool Capacity: 100m/110yds
Spool Weights

Araty Ultra Line

Colors : Green , Gold and Royal
Diameters : 0.20-0.80mm
Package: Spool
Spool capacity: 100m/110yds, 300m/330yds, 500m/550yds and 1000m/1100yds
Spool Weights
Araty Superflex

 Araty Superflex line

Colors: Green, white, blue and multicolor
Diameters : 0.20mm-1.00mm
Package: Spool
Spool capacity: 100m/110yds
Spool weight:  250g, 500g e 3 kg

Linha de Pesca Monofilamento Dourado Premium

 Dourado Line

Colors: White

Diameters : 0.20mm-1.00mm

Package : Spool

Spool capacity: 100m/110yds
Spool Weights: 250g and 500g
Linha Monofilamento de Pesca Grilon Top Flex

Grilon Top-Flex line

Color: White
Diameters: 0.20mm-2.00mm
Package: Spool
Spool capacity: 100m/110yds
Spool Weights: 250g, 500g and 3 Kg
Dourado Top Force

Dourado Top Force Line

Color: Olive Green
Diameters: 0.20-0.80mm
Package : Spool
Spool Capacity: 100m/110yds
Spool weights: 250g and 500g

Types of Fishing Lines

Some of the Mazzaferro fishing  lines are manufactured from nylon and fluorocarbon .

Nylon or monofilament fishing lines are nted for their resistance and stretch properties under load conditions

On the other hand , Fluorocarbon is notable for its underwater invisibilty and very low refractive index

Low stretch and abrasion resistance. The fusion of these two materials results in firm , quality lines  with a high fish catching rate.

Where a smaller diameter coupled to resistance and response sensitivity are the key factors, Braided Lines are the recommended choice and are made by a process of fusion or braiding of synthetic materials.. To better understand the complex chemistry behind these lines, raw materials are the same ones used in military applications such as body armor.

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Besides being a reference in the segment, Mazzaferro has partnered with fishing stores throughout Brazil and meeting the requirement of sports fishermen , amateurs and professionals , has dealers all its lines for fishing spread across all regions of the country.

Meet our partner stores and find out where to buy fishing lines , among other products , such as polypropylene rope, nylon threads , network panagem and fishing nets , and other products throughout Brazil. Or contact us for questions .