Monofilament lines

Monofilament fishing lines Mazzaferro are the most used by fishermen due to its wide range of applications and low cost . In recent years the lines of monofilament nylon lines have become more resistant thanks to the new technologies used in its manufacture.

The monofilament line , or nylon can be produced with a wide range of raw materials and colors . This fishing line is a favorite among fishermen , because it has a variety of applications .

Best Monofilament fishing line

Here are some of monofilament fishing lines Mazzaferro , the Araty , Gold and Grilon brands , recognized by the quality and strength we have .


The monofilament line is suitable for fishing on beaches , rivers and fishing . These fishing lines are also effective against abrasion.

Where to buy

The Mazzaferro has partnered with fishing stores throughout Brazil and to meet the requirement of fishing lovers , find our fishing line retailers of brands Araty and Gold. Click below to see where to buy fishing lines.