Best Multifilament Line

The multifilament fishing lines are made from high modulus polyethylene. By not possess almost nehum stretching ratio, allow’única sensitivity to monofilament lines. Another important point is that their diameters are from 1/3 to ¼ of the corresponding diameters in the lines of monofilament with equivalent strength.

Unlike nylon multifilament lines are greatly more visible in the aquatic environment and its use affects the use of leader fluorocarbon or Nylon For the sports fisherman who want to practice precision shooting with lines 3-4 times thinner by the same Monofilament strength, this is an excellent option resulting in almost zero friction in pitches. On the other hand is a winning line in the vertical fishing where sensitivity and stretching zero index transmit any fish hit, an immediate communication to the fisherman.

In vertical fishing situations at sea and at great depths, its reduced diameter is less resistance to the deviations caused by the current. The line multifilament Araty 8x is manufactured with 8 braids (compared to traditional lines of 4 braids), which gives you greater flexibiladade and less friction in the dowels. Normally these lines are lubricated with PTFE or silicone and is appropriate to mention the fact that last much longer and do not suffer from UV rays.

Where to buy 

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