Multifilament Grilon® Nylon cloth node (Braided)

Pano de Multifilamento Grilon® Nylon com Nós
  • Description
  • Panagem to knot nylon multifilament nets ( Braided ) with anti UV protection , manufactured under strict conditions to meet the producers of large networks
    ( trawlers )
  • Application
  • Use as drawer , Network enclosure where the fish is stored for manipulation.
  • Advantages
  • Greater abrasion resistance and ease of manipulation of the network.
  • differentials
  • – Higher tensile strength ;
    – Easier entralhamento .

 Presentation: Truss with linear 50m
Color: Blue
Title Wire (mm)Distance between node (mm)Height meshesLengthColor
210/0361220050 mBlue
210/0481220050 mBlue
210/0601220050 mBlue