Mazzaferro is specialized in plastics transformation and seeks to add value and competitiveness through innovation , technology and revolutionary design

This philosophy is equally applied to its 3 business areas: Fishing Products, Technical Monofilaments and Household Appliances

Brazilian Company Founded in 1953 by Italian immigrants whose history is marked by a pioneering spirit

Its manufacturing facilities in São Paulo and Diadema have been designed using equipment and technology from Italy , Spain , Germany and Japan

Its three distribution centers in São Paulo , Diadema and Manaus service over 2500 customers throughout brazil and in 70 countries and on all five continents



To develop, produce and sell products and services that satisfy and exceed expectations from our customers in those markets where we are presente


A better , stronger company with each generation. Recognized as the best business option through the reconciliation of tradition with modernization in the context of a reliable and competitive Company



Pioneering Spirit

Aprendizado contínuo Continuous learning

Resultados Results

Talento Talent

Integração Integration

Comprometimento Commitment

Integridade Integrity